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Glamorous Physique Beauty Spa

Nail Care Services


Classic Manicure$25

French Manicure $27

Sports Manicure $18

*Ultimate Spa Manicure $35

*This Manicure is performed from the elbow down to the fingertips and includes a complete manicure, massage, and Mask.

Kiddie nail polish only (12&under) $5

Kiddie Manicure (12&under)) $10

Nail Enhancements

Full set of Acrylics                  $55

Pink & White full set                $65

Acrylics fill in                            $30

Add gel sealer to any acrylics $10

Full set of Gels                         $60

Gel Overlay                               $45

Gel fill in                                    $39

Rebalance with French tips add $5

Full set of Shellac(gel)             $30

Rebalance Shellac                   $35

Repair per Nail                          $7

Polish change                           $10

Removal                                    $30


Express Pedi                          $25

Includes short soak, shape, buff, and polish only.

Classic Pedicure                    $40 Includes soak, callous removal, massage of the legs & feet, polish and simple design.

Spa Pedicure                           $50           Includes all treatments to the foot and Leg including Massage and mask From the knee down to the toe

Extreme Moisturizing

pedicure.                                  $55

Includes An application of Moisturizing Paraffin great for dry and cracking skin.

Tired legs & feet pedicure $60

Includes all treatments to the foot and Leg including Massage and mask Helps reduce the Swelling and Fluid Retention From a busy lifestyle. Great for diabetics. If

you're allergic to shell fish this is not the pedicure for you.

Iconic Foot detox with massage $50

The iconic foot bath detox machine allows the body to get rid of the toxins. The foot detox is use to increase energy, vitality, and stamina, while detoxing the body of toxins, chemicals and other foreign material trapped in the body.

Includes foot detox, sea salt foot scrub



Kiddie Toe Polish (12&under) $7

Kiddie Basic Pedicure ( 12under)$15

Reflexology foot only $55