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Glamorous Physique Beauty Studio 

              Hair Removal Services For Ladies 

Dare to go bare?  Click the link to schedule your appointment today!

Full Leg wax (thigh and leg) $95

Lower Leg wax-$65

Lip wax $15

Chin wax $20

Full Arm wax-$50

Lower Arm wax-$35

Underarm wax-$25

Full Brazilian $75

Brazilian  front only $65

Brows $20 April 2023

Brows with tint $45 coming April 2023

Brow tint only $30

Bikini $45

Buttocks cheeks $60

 Premium Hard Wax and soft wax only available 

Thinking about getting waxed? Don't know where to start? Check out our Dos and Don'ts that will help you prepare you your session 

Prepping for wax tips

  • Hair should be at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length before the appointment(rice grain length.)
  • Take Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your body waxing appointment​
  • Dont wear tight fitting clothing (perhaps wear loose pants , a dress or skirt)
  • Wait 2 weeks after shaving before waxing.
  • Gently exfoliate the skin prior to waxing 

Pre Wax

Before wax

  • If you have been shaving you must let you hair grow out for at least two weeks
  • Do not use any products containing retinoids, glycolic, salicylic acids on the area you wish to get waxed for at least seven day prior to you waxing
  • If you have been taking Accutane you must stop the use for at least 6 months before getting a wax
  • If you have had a chemical peel you must wait four weeks before getting a wax
  • No prolonged sun exposure or tanning for a few days prior to waxing
  • If waxing for a special event try coming in 2 to 3 weeks prior to event
  • Keep the area being waxed free of any lotion or oil before appointment
  • Please let us know if you have experienced any difficulties with waxing before

Post Waxing

After Wax care

  • Avoid touching the freshly waxed skin
  • Avoid exercises on the same day after a wax
  • Avoid extremely hot showers
  • Avoid tight clothing immediately after a wax
  • Avoid exposing newly waxed areas to the sun, hot tubs, sauna, pool; the areas that have been waxed are both sensitive and vulnerable.
  • Avoid using heavily perfumed or thick lotion on the bikini area it might cause ingrown hair
  • Wait at least 48 hours to exfoliate after a wax it helps to prevent ingrown hair 
  • Exfoliate between waxes 


1. Keep it clean. Pack towelettes) for a quick cleanup. You'll feel more confident.

2. Wear a tampon. If you have your period, that is. Most techs don't mind waxing at that time of the month (clear it with them first) and can work around the string. (Warning: It may hurt more since your skin is sensitive during your period.)

3. Do a skin check. A wax can be performed only on healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, postpone your appointment until your issues have cleared.