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Glamorous Physique Spa

Skin care Services for ladies and Gentlemen

  • Deep Cleansing Facial-

    This facial is perfect for any skin type . Great facial if your not sure what to get. You will experience a relaxing deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and massage of the face, neck and shoulders . This facial will leave your skin immaculately clean, smooth and glowing.

    50 minutes/$65.

  • Exfoliating & deep Hydrating cleansing Back facial- relax and ease tension with a deep back cleansing, scrub, and exfoliation treatment, session includes light massage and hot towel treatment. 50 minutes $75.
  • Gentlemen's GQ Facial w beard treatment -   You will experience a relaxing deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the face and neck . Treatment also focuses on beard area includes a deep cleanse , exfoliation and extractions This facial will leave your skin immaculately clean, smooth and glowing. 60 minutes/$80
  • Acne Clearing Treatment (face)- benzoyl peroxide treatment designed to clear clogged pores, target stubborn blackheads and blemishes ,and reduce acne while leaving the skin clean, calm and protected. Treatment includes extractions. This facial not suited for individuals with sensitive skin. 55 minutes/$75
  • Acne Clearing Treatment (back) a special benzoyl peroxide treatment designed to clear clogged pores, target stubborn blackheads and blemishes, and reduce acne while leaving the skin clean, calm and protected. 55 minutes/$85.
  • Purifying Acne Facial for sensitive skin experience a deep pore cleansing with this antioxidant and omega facial treatment designed for all skin including problematic, inflamed and sensitive. It deeply cleanses, dissolves make-up, surface impurities and skin congestion. Special Clay mask targets redness, inflammation, acne. Treatment finished with tea tree or lemongrass essential oil hot towel treatment. 55min/$75
  • Ageless Radio Frequency skin tightening facial- This facial is designed to reverse the signs of aging . Great for those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles And other signs of aging. Radio frequency will add collagen and elastin to your skin. It also tightens double chins& loose skin. Includes cleanse, exfoliation and. stem cell mask. . 65 minutes/$115
  • Vitamin C Facial- .Our Vitamin C facial will leave your skin looking radiant. It Helps repair damaged skin and hydrate skin. Great for those concerned with dry skin, aging skin, and dark spots. 60 minutes/$80


Dermaplaning add $15

Infrared detox sauna Sauna  Please feel free to wear sauna suits or a waist trainer 
Sauna package- includes 6 individual 30 min sessions $100

Non invasive Body Contouring 

Contouring Available for Ladies and Gentlemen 

Body contouring Consultation$20

Not sure which contouring service is for you or have questions about the procedure ? Book a consultation for your personal one on one, fee goes toward service.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation  Non invasive  painless procedure uses a ultrasonic device calibrated to only target FAT CELLS . Ultrasonic waves are directed to the area of fatty tissue you want to remove while destroying the fat tissue cell membrane . This treatment contours  your body while melting the fat. Post procedure and up to a week after you will secrete the destroyed fatty tissue through your lymphatic system 

Save by booking a package . Combine with laser lipo for best results

(Stomach, love handles)$100

Back Cavitation $100

Back of thigh cavitation with wood therapy $100

Ultrasonic Cavitation 3 Treatment package $225

Ultrasonic Cavitation 6 treatment package ( stomach) $400

What is laser lipo Non-Invasive painless procedure that uses a laser technique and directly penetrates through 10 layers of fat from the desired area . This is recommended for people that have loose broken up pudgy fat ins. Laser paddles sit in the area and penetrate through 10 layers of fat 

Laser Lipo services 

Arm lipo $65

Laser Lipo stomach or back 90

Double chin lipo with skin tightening $60

 Laser lipo (3 treatments back or stomach ) $200

Radio frequency skin tightening stomach$100 This procedure tightens the desired area using radio frequency as well as our own customized treatments that vary from client to client.

Express Glam 5 day wrap $60 stomach and back will be wrapped in  waterproof wrap lose 2-3 inches 

 What’s is Body Ice Sculpting (our most effective body contouring treatment)

Body ice is a special ice  pplied to stomach, back, arms, sides, and thighs in a frozen state. It will be very cold for the first few minutes, but not unbearable. The ice activates a natural reaction called thermogenesis, a process in which heat is generated from inside the body. Thermogenesis accelerates metabolism, causing internal body temperature to rise. The body in turn begins to break down fat and burn additional calories. We recommend at least 4 treatments. Body ice breaks down stubborn fat  contours side area and helps give you the hour glass figure you always wanted. 

 One session paired with wood therapy $250

Three sessions paired with wood therapy $500

Six sessions paired with wood therapy $850

Ultimate body ice makeover $1100

Treatment includes 10 body ice sessions  and 10 sauna treatments with wood therapy  It’s time to get serious and focus on you!

Needless Deoxycholic  Acid injections - Lipolysis (fat dissolving) solution is applied to problem area with a needleless Hyaluronic Pen through a series of application s This treatment is recommend weekly but can be applied bi weekly or monthly.

Arms with lipo $100

Stomach with lipo $200

Love handles with lipo $150

Stomach & love handles with lipo  $275

Non-Surgical Buttocks Lift $100

Treatment involves increasing the volume of your buttocks using YOUR own fat using vacuum therapy . This treatment uses ultrasound waves that lifts the buttocks while stimulating muscles and mobilizing the fat over time for permanent results. This treatment promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface. Back of thigh cellulite treatment is included with service.A minimum of at least 3 treatments recommended if you have no buttocks 6-10 treatments are recommended 


  • Three treatments $250
  • Six treatments $375
  • Nine treatments $450
  • Tuesday butt lift special $60 *Tuesdays only
  • Tuesday snatch special- lipo & butt lift $100

Non surgical butt lift, one treatment 

Pay in 4  shop pay and sezzle  now available on packages and training courses . Click the link below to pay in installments  . If using this service your appointment still has to be scheduled. Please provide email to receive instructions on how to schedule your appointments.

Book your session now!